ALZA Campaigns is passionate about electing Democrats, women, and people of color to public office to better represent the diversity of our nation.

With decades of experience throughout the country, our campaign consultants and cultural strategists have helped deliver victories in over one hundred races, working on campaigns from Texas to Florida, New York to California, the Northeast to the Southwest including Congressional, gubernatorial, statewide ballot measures, and three Presidential campaigns.

Every cycle we develop innovative campaign strategy and high-impact communications to millions of voters, specializing in delivering integrated campaign plans targeting Latino/Hispanic voters and communities of color, voter persuasion and grassroots mobilization programs to disenfranchised constituencies, and bilingual advertising in digital, direct mail, radio and Spanish language TV advertising.

ALZA’s founders and co-owners include Alexandra Gallardo-Rooker, Roger Salazar, Josh Pulliam,  and Pat Dennis.  Our team of political consultants and cultural strategists manages every project, with the ability to tap into an even larger network of collaborators and associates with niche expertise. In staffing our campaigns, diversity is a significant factors in all hiring decisions and we regularly partner with women-owned and ethnically diverse suppliers and vendors.

While we’ve lived and campaigned throughout the United States, ALZA Campaigns primary focuses on races in California, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, and Nevada.

Meet ALZA’s leadership team here.

Our Approach

As campaign practitioners, we recognize that in today’s ever-changing media landscape we’re witnessing a historic shift in viewing habits, consumer behavior, and marketing technology. We no longer live in an age in which all the voters are watching television on one of three different broadcast TV channels.

Broadcast advertising still has tremendous reach, but the impact of a 30-second TV spot is waning. You simply can’t reach all of the voters at one place all of the time.

ALZA Campaigns believes that in order to successfully navigate today’s political climate and effectively communicate your message no single medium is universally capable of persuading and turning out voters.

We have increasingly found success with our research-based and balanced approach utilizing tiered and layered messaging that incorporates new media platforms and emerging technology integrated with innovative targeted communications in digital, direct mail, bilingual TV/radio, and grassroots mobilization.

Additionally, our programs are rooted in a preliminary research and electoral assessment, comprised of traditional opinion research, proprietary voter modeling and segmentation, and an extensive analysis of the audiences (comprised of hundreds of thousands, or millions with varying perspectives and diverse backgrounds), each shaped by innumerable factors – cultural, ethnic, socio-economic, gender, sexual orientation, education, age… to name but a few.

Through this process, ALZA works with campaigns to develop unique programs that complement or supplement a traditional TV buy, this creating high impact and highly efficient communications programs to targeted audiences. This approach has yielded particular success engaging with multi-cultural and ethnic constituencies and disenfranchised communities. Some of our services include:

> Multi-language campaign branding, advertising, and ethnic media buys

> Award-winning, targeted direct mail

> Get-Out-the-Vote and early voting/Vote-by-Mail programs

> Grassroots field and voter mobilization

> Social media, digital, and emerging media platforms

> Voter segmentation, analysis, and modeling

> Direct marketing in Spanish, Chinese, Tagalog, Vietnamese, Korean, and Armenian